It’s Official… New Blog is Online

Head on over to my new home on the net – I’ll be keeping this blog alive, but don’t look here for new content – from here on out, all posts will be on the new site. RSS


3 Responses to It’s Official… New Blog is Online

  1. Qwerty Maniac says:

    nice blog there 🙂

  2. Angela please don’t feel alone. My husband has Aspergers and possibly my son. Life is so short and it would be a terrible shame if you allowed yourself to miss out on one day of the wonderful experiences and pleasures your life has in store for you. The happiness you seek and want is already within you. Clear out all of the self doubt and society imposed expectations of what is “normal” and what is not, and fill yourself up with good thoughts and actions and be the very best person you can be. True happiness is a state of mind. We achieve it when we do our best to be our best. Your best cannot be compared or measured against someone else’s. So it’s all up to you. The power is all yours. Get up each morning full of joy and lust for life. You can be and deserve to be just as happy as anyone else does. This life is yours to live. Go get your happiness! Come on

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