BlackBerry Triumphs

So the company I work for has decided to go BlackBerry… I’ve got mixed feelings on this – I’m a Microsoft guy. While I know that this is a good decision for the company, it pains me slightly to not leverage our investment in Exchange the way I had hoped. Windows Mobile has made steady progress moving into the mainstream, and this quarter is probably one of the most exciting times for the platform as no less than 7 Windows Mobile phones have been released by all four nationwide carriers. The flexibility of the Windows Mobile platform is astonishing, and I’ve had the privilege of participating in the evolution of the platform for the last several years.

From a corporate perspective, choosing BlackBerry is a great choice for our end-users. The more intuitive interface of BB and a single support infrastructure worldwide is what is the real selling point of BB. The knowledge that RIM‘s NOC and support structure will be able to help any of our BB users around the world and around the clock is as comforting as push-mail itself. Hopefully, as we wonder the path through the mobile woods that we are able to build on the strengths of BB and offer either “Web 2.0” or AJAX apps that really offer new services to our end-users.

Unfortunately it will not be Windows Mobile. I really believe it is a better platform no matter what many others have and will say. The platform is just too powerful and broad in its approach to not support corporate America well. The ability for the device to be a phone, a PDA, media player, Internet terminal, data storage device, etc… the list is endless. The software solution set is endless. In our case though the support costs outweigh the platform strengths – or is it simply that the BlackBerry is just more “sexy”?

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