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While reading a post on Om Malik’s blog, I found Kent Newsome. Kent’s got some great points in his post about Scoble and getting A-Listed. I’m always fastenated to find out more about people who share some of my interests, some of the struggles in blogging that I’m just coming to understand – others have been experiencing for quite awhile. LIke trying to generate traffic and get better page rankings in Google, Yahoo, Techorati and the like.

I’m adding Kent’s feed to my RSS Reader (Pluck), alongside some of my other favorites. While I’m just starting to get an understanding of what A-List bloggers are or aren’t (both viewpoints are interesting), following the discussions in the blogosphere are really leading me to new and interesting bloggers that I was not aware of, so thanks to everyone for that!

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  1. Hello! Sometimes I can’t help but surrender to my magnificent enterprise Do you want a fresh joke from net? Why do Vampire have to brush their teeth? Because they have Bat-Breath.

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