More learning done…

And more to learn!  I’m continually impressed with the depth of the WordPress engine, such a well thought-out CMS.  I’ve made more progress on the layout and such of the new design.  It’ll start out with the same theme you see here – its easy to read and very refined.  Though I will be working on designing my own theme – never thought I’d say that as I’m not really big into the graphics and fancy stuff, however I do like things to have a finished look.

Since I’ve been learning how WordPress uses themes, renders its pages, and how CSS is actually laid out, I have begun to understand how I would construct a theme.  The more I think about it – I’m going to try to create a clear, glassy theme, taking queues from Windows Vista and OSX.  To have a clean, easy to read design that doesn’t get hung up on ornate, or “heavy” graphics looks, or over-saturation of color.

Anyway, more to come…


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