The Rickster

Ok, I’ve been a little lax in posting the last day or two – I’ve been working on my development WordPress site. What I’ve got in the works is to launch a professionally hosted WordPress blog named “The Rickster” that will be my main online presence. One where I’ll post about blogging, the Internet, work, life, and all the rest. Currently I’ve got a Blogger blog where I post news and technical items, and a WordPress blog where I tend to talk about anything, though its mostly releated to blogging and the technology & contemporary thinking behind it.

So to get that done, I’ve been in a crash course in WordPress, PHP scripts, CSS files & formatting, and all the rest that goes along with learning a new system top to bottom, inside & out. I’m sure I’ll miss a few things, but I’ve found the format I like, customized the theme to include some additional items I want, identified a new domain name (more later) and a hosting service that I belive will work just fine for the new site.

Any suggestions on this site, or my blogger site on what works, or doesn’t work – just so I can work them into the new one? More deatils to come as I get the kinks worked out.

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