Google Talk

Not to rain on anyone’s parade, but (ok here I go) what is the usefulness of this? Guess its because I’ve tried IM services from ICQ to AIM to MSN, etc… and been disappointed all the time. Comes from being interrupted by family & friends when I’m trying to do real work, enjoy an article or media of some type. What happed – I used to think the technology was cool, but I’ve never been able to find a good use for it. I’d rather simply grab my mobile phone and call the person I want ‘chat’ with – oldfashioned I guess.

Yeah, Google has not had a chat tool up to now, and of course to be ‘well rounded’ in their product offerings I suppose they need this, and I’m sure its better in some ways than their rivals – Google always implements their tools in interesting ways. Of course, I’ll admit up front that any service that is hosted online and does not require me to install client software is a good product implementation in my book – I’m really excited about a lot of the new “Web 2.0” tools that are popping up like crazy the last few weeks.

Good luck Google, but I won’t be using this service.

via: Techcrunch

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