Om Malik on Slingbox Hating

Om’s got a good discussion going on the latest incarnation of the company-A hates technology-B story. Slingbox! Yep, a certain broadcasting president is shooting off about the Slingbox and how it violates broadcast transmission laws, and/or program copyright laws. You know, I get tired of all these companies going off on technologies that push them to inovate. I mean, is it that bad to come up with new products to offer to the public? Is it that scary to have to change (dumb question I know)? I have to continually change and adapt in my career (I’m in IT). Every day is a new opportunity to learn and grow. Some days are hard to find the inspiration, I know, but just for once I would like to see a company applaud a technology that makes them think harder – makes them find a new inspiration to push themselves to develop new technologies to put them on top and bring another new level to our lives.

Alright, /rant off

via: Om Malik’s Blog


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