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Today want to talk about Work Blogs, or blogging within a work environment. There is some small discussions at work right now about blogs and wikis, and if they are useful tools for our corporate culture. Traditionally, we are like many companies in that we don’t jump on the latest trends in technology just because it may be ‘cool’, but in recent years we have invested more time and resources in leveraging the best technologies for the business and its employees. Thats not to say that we are up to date on all things, one of the areas that could stand improvement in-house is communication, again like most companies.

There are many opportunities for simple communications all parts of the business through blogs – whether their individual employee blogs where workers can post on topics of the day, or departmental & group blogs where workers can post on a common blog about status within a team and so on. Project related blogs are another option, where project team members would be able to post on status, issues, remediation, solutions, communications, costs, ideas, etc… The point being that the potential is endless for more simple communications with a company.

If I could point to one post on one blog that I belive speaks to the importance of corporate blogging today this is it. Written by Richard Edelman, it speaks from a PR point of view from someone who is quite well known in that field.

I’d like to invite anyone from my office to view my blogs and see what I do on a personal side with blogs. Its my outlet for ideas and conversations. I’m not into keeping a diary or journal, and don’t feel comfortable posting my “most inner secrets and fears” to a blog – or grips either! The last thing I think someone wants to read about in a blog is how bad my day/week/life is – who cares? But the release of a stream of ideas that someone (hopefully me) can leverage and move forward is a power tool, and I want to be right in the middle of it.

What I’d love for my supervisors and managers to take away from by personal blogs here on the ‘net is that they should be “transparent” as many in the blogsphere like to say. Naked Conversations by Shel Israel & Robert Scoble is one book I recommend to anyone contemplating work blogs & corporate blogging. This “transparency” is the true power of a blog, whether its for an individual, team, department, or company – simple clear honest communication will leverage the time and resources invested in blogging – anything else will be a disappointment in the technology in my opinion.

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Of course there’s this blog (Rickster) here at WordPress where I talk about many random things on the use of technology, though it seems at the moment that I’m rambling about blogging quite a bit here.

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