Blogging for a living…

It’s an interesting concept, and while I don’t believe that I’ll be making a lot of money at this for a long time, the aspects of pushing the boundaries of business communication really interests me.  I’ve been working on getting some pieces in place for consulting services for awhile now and I belive that I’ll be adding blogging as a service along with messaging, systems management, and other traditional IT consulting services.

The idea that businesses are waking up to the idea of direct communication with employees and customers has a huge potential that I’m just starting to truly understand.  My biggest question as a corporate employee at the moment is – do these businesses really understand what blogging will bring?  Do they truly understand that blogging will bring transparency to their communications faster than they will be able to adapt, and may make traditional businesspeople nervous?  That what is today considered internal communications are so much easier to communicate to those outside the company?  I don’t mean intellectual property – that can be pulled out of any unhappy employee.  What I mean is daily communication that happens as easily as talking at the “water cooler” with your coworkers.

 It’s a new communications universe that is exciting to me because I see the opportunities it brings, but it may be frightning to those traditional coporate-minded execs.  Some will see the light though and leverage it to grow their business.  That will be good, because it could be growing mine!


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