Interesting Finds Last Night

While browsing and reading up on a number of different blogs that I had just discovered, I found some new things.

One is a blog about “Web 2.5” – where they make the case for using a web interface, or a hyperlinking, AJAX, or other web technology on a mobile platform.  Check out the “Web 2.5: Always-On-You Web 2.0 Tools” blog.

The other new item I found has been around a little while, but is new to me.  Its called “Clipmarks” and it basically allows you to clip certain sections of web pages, add tags & comments, then save them to their online service (which is free).  The result, is that you accumulate a database of information indexed by yourself that is fully searchable.  Need to find that article from 6 mos. ago?  Search for it and read the exact context of the article that you selected.  Looks interesting – I’m going to try it out for awhile.  Check this service out at Clipmarks.


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