It’s Official… New Blog is Online

February 17, 2006

Head on over to my new home on the net – I’ll be keeping this blog alive, but don’t look here for new content – from here on out, all posts will be on the new site. RSS


BlackBerry Triumphs

February 16, 2006

So the company I work for has decided to go BlackBerry… I’ve got mixed feelings on this – I’m a Microsoft guy. While I know that this is a good decision for the company, it pains me slightly to not leverage our investment in Exchange the way I had hoped. Windows Mobile has made steady progress moving into the mainstream, and this quarter is probably one of the most exciting times for the platform as no less than 7 Windows Mobile phones have been released by all four nationwide carriers. The flexibility of the Windows Mobile platform is astonishing, and I’ve had the privilege of participating in the evolution of the platform for the last several years.

From a corporate perspective, choosing BlackBerry is a great choice for our end-users. The more intuitive interface of BB and a single support infrastructure worldwide is what is the real selling point of BB. The knowledge that RIM‘s NOC and support structure will be able to help any of our BB users around the world and around the clock is as comforting as push-mail itself. Hopefully, as we wonder the path through the mobile woods that we are able to build on the strengths of BB and offer either “Web 2.0” or AJAX apps that really offer new services to our end-users.

Unfortunately it will not be Windows Mobile. I really believe it is a better platform no matter what many others have and will say. The platform is just too powerful and broad in its approach to not support corporate America well. The ability for the device to be a phone, a PDA, media player, Internet terminal, data storage device, etc… the list is endless. The software solution set is endless. In our case though the support costs outweigh the platform strengths – or is it simply that the BlackBerry is just more “sexy”?

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Another good blog…

February 15, 2006

While reading a post on Om Malik’s blog, I found Kent Newsome. Kent’s got some great points in his post about Scoble and getting A-Listed. I’m always fastenated to find out more about people who share some of my interests, some of the struggles in blogging that I’m just coming to understand – others have been experiencing for quite awhile. LIke trying to generate traffic and get better page rankings in Google, Yahoo, Techorati and the like.

I’m adding Kent’s feed to my RSS Reader (Pluck), alongside some of my other favorites. While I’m just starting to get an understanding of what A-List bloggers are or aren’t (both viewpoints are interesting), following the discussions in the blogosphere are really leading me to new and interesting bloggers that I was not aware of, so thanks to everyone for that!

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More learning done…

February 13, 2006

And more to learn!  I’m continually impressed with the depth of the WordPress engine, such a well thought-out CMS.  I’ve made more progress on the layout and such of the new design.  It’ll start out with the same theme you see here – its easy to read and very refined.  Though I will be working on designing my own theme – never thought I’d say that as I’m not really big into the graphics and fancy stuff, however I do like things to have a finished look.

Since I’ve been learning how WordPress uses themes, renders its pages, and how CSS is actually laid out, I have begun to understand how I would construct a theme.  The more I think about it – I’m going to try to create a clear, glassy theme, taking queues from Windows Vista and OSX.  To have a clean, easy to read design that doesn’t get hung up on ornate, or “heavy” graphics looks, or over-saturation of color.

Anyway, more to come…

The Rickster

February 11, 2006

Ok, I’ve been a little lax in posting the last day or two – I’ve been working on my development WordPress site. What I’ve got in the works is to launch a professionally hosted WordPress blog named “The Rickster” that will be my main online presence. One where I’ll post about blogging, the Internet, work, life, and all the rest. Currently I’ve got a Blogger blog where I post news and technical items, and a WordPress blog where I tend to talk about anything, though its mostly releated to blogging and the technology & contemporary thinking behind it.

So to get that done, I’ve been in a crash course in WordPress, PHP scripts, CSS files & formatting, and all the rest that goes along with learning a new system top to bottom, inside & out. I’m sure I’ll miss a few things, but I’ve found the format I like, customized the theme to include some additional items I want, identified a new domain name (more later) and a hosting service that I belive will work just fine for the new site.

Any suggestions on this site, or my blogger site on what works, or doesn’t work – just so I can work them into the new one? More deatils to come as I get the kinks worked out.

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Outlook Signature

February 9, 2006

Ahh, finally got around to creating a custom HTML Outlook signature.  Even looked up some CSS formatting to get it right, that was tough as I’ve never worked with CSS before.  Ok, so it wasn’t hard, just different since I’ve not used it.  I worked on two tonight, one for at home that lists all my personal online communications venues, and one for work that I *should* be able to put the company logo into.  We’ll see.

Speaking of work, there is supposedly a big announcement coming from the CEO and President, should be interesting.  We’ve got an ambitious 3 year plan ahead of use, and it should be exciting to see whats coming next.

The Growing Blogsphere

February 7, 2006

According to a study released Monday by Technorati, the tagging service is now tracking in excess of 27.2 million blogs web-wide. Also, its indexing over 75,000 new blogs a day with the update frequency of the average blog to be the same of around 50% after 3 months. Around 2.7 million blogs are updated at least once a week. Also on the rise are spam blogs which Technorati is taking a part in combating, and tagging which is of course Technorati’s forte.

You can view the report on Technorat’s blog.

via: BetaNews

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